UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

We help your business to attain visibility and longevity.

How you make your users comfortable after browsing your digital properties make a whole lot of difference in the success of your business. We will help you develop a lasting experience through our unparallel UI/UX Development.

Carving a higher ROI model through our designs

We very well know that your customers relate to you by recognizing your brand. Hence we create a legacy for our clients though our design, which would be cherished by the future generations.

Research & Ideation

This step is highly crucial as here we think of the idea and the very seed of the thoughts after a rigorous phase of research and analysis, is being carried further. This step includes our interactive collaboration with our clients, wherein we set up talks, discussions to take out the most from the concept and therefore we are able to create a sizzling solution.


During this step, we figure out the ways to link your business services through your design so your targeted audience can interact freely and without any doubt, with your business through the impeccable design.

Designing & Development

In this phase we put together our ideas and give them a reality-check through development. We do not create anything which is complex and hard to understand for your users, but our design process includes very seamless approach to reach your audience.

Why choose us?

A design is more of an identity for your business

We conduct competitive analysis

This is done majorly to understand your product and analyze the market competition and ideate a design that is customary. We conduct user survey to know your market, and this helps us to understand that what your target audience wants. Since your customers are the outlying users of our design, so we feel the pain they are going though, and step into their shoes to perceive their intentions. We consider everything they do, feel, say or think by interviewing them. We thus create an empathy map to bring all their expectations on the reality background.

We consider the user persona

It helps us to define behavioral characteristics after studying and grasping the end-user’s reactions in different situations. This helps us to create a pool of user-personas, and finally bring a much relatable product. Although we don’t consider everything from this approach but do brainstorming of all the ideas collected since the beginning. This produces a broader solution scope to the design problem.

ur design process

In this process, there are different stages, wherein in the very first stage, the designers draw a sketch of the ideas to visualize how it may look. We further proceed with the wireframing stage, where the basic skeletal framework of the app or the website is designed to cross-check the best suitable purpose of each element. Further the designs, layouts, icons, fonts, and sizes are tried to be carried further to prototypes.

We test at every step

Once the design is ready, we start the testing methods to help us identifying the traffic issues , technical issues, content related issues, visual-design issues, and navigation issues on the product. Once the flaws are worked upon, we proceed ahead with the A/B Testing, this gives us the best results to analyze what attracts the user most, and accordingly we design further.

Tools that we use to Design

We ensure to execute two different types of design projects, one for the enterprises’ use and another one for the consumers. However the each of these types require detailed functionality while execution. There are intricate tools which are used to differentiate one from the other, therefore we utilize the best app design tools to craft mesmerizing solutions for you.

  • Adobe
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe
  • XD
  • Adobe
  • InDesign
  • Sketch

Some Facts About Us

We at WebGreedy Technologies have always strived to be the best web development company giving complete web solutions. Along with that as a mobile development company we’ve captured the market with innovative business solutions. Over the years we have made considerable steps towards achieving our aim of becoming one of the best IT company in India and the world.

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