3 Reasons You Don’t Need a Degree to Become a Data Scientist

“Do You need a degree in X to become a data scientist?” The answer is always a resounding “NO!”

Here are 3 reasons you don’t need that special degree to get a job as a data scientist:

? 1 – Nobody good hires for degrees. Nobody.

They hire for skills and attitude. Having a specific degree doesn’t guarantee that you will have the skills or attitude necessary to do the job. Develop the skills and mindset and you’ll have what you need to become a data scientist.

? 2 – You need to be a self-directed learner

If you can teach yourself challenging material, you no longer need the degree. Take online courses, read books, and practice what you learn to nail down the skills and stay up-to-date with the latest techniques.

? 3 – Having a degree doesn’t mean that you can do the job

The key is being able to DEMONSTRATE that you can solve real problems and provide value to a business. Having a degree doesn’t do this. Complete a project that shows you can generate business insights from data — do you think that a specific degree will ever do that?

Sometimes degrees are necessary, but in the dynamic field of data science, self-directed learning is king.

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