A boss or a leader?

A boss manages their employees, while a leader inspires them to innovate, think creatively, and strive for perfection. Every team has a boss, but what people need is a leader who will help them achieve greatness.

“A boss creates fear, a leader confidence. A boss fixes blame, a leader corrects mistakes. A boss knows all, a leader asks questions. A boss makes work drudgery, a leader makes it interesting” Russel H. Ewing.

Boss or leader, Sounds very similar but there’s a huge difference between what makes a boss and what makes a leader. They act very differently in a whole number of ways — they adopt different management styles, build different relationships, and make different decisions.

Do we even know or ever try to figure out that how some organizations achieve extraordinary growth and unbeatable landmark on their way of business? The key factor behind the success of any organization is the quality of leadership exhibited to the employees that motivate them to act and perform better in their job. Have you ever wondered that a boss could be a leader also, but not all bosses are leaders? There exist a line of demarcation amidst the nature and characteristics of these two personalities. While a boss gives orders to his employees, a leader influences his followers by setting an example.

A boss is always a manager who has his subordinates, whereas a leader is the essence of the group who inspires it and motivates each colleague individually to make them better at their job. A leader is also believed to be good for the people and not only looking for his benefit. A leader knows that the growth of his team is his growth, the leader inspires their employees to innovate, think creatively, and strive for perfection.

Leaders motivate their employees, which then inspires them to follow their leader’s example. Bosses tend to push employees instead of directing them. This type of manager tends to never make decisions, which forces employees to work without guidance and expectations while their manager hides behind a wall of inaction. True leaders frequently present ideas and work alongside their employees. They clearly communicate objectives to the team and their actions are aimed at achieving goals together. This is the difference between inspiring team members and losing their respect. When a team has confidence in a leader, it can help improve team culture and motivate employees to contribute.

A boss is someone who demands respect by virtue of his position. It is because he has the designation and title of a boss that people respect him even if they do not want to. In this day and age getting a job is not an easy task at all, that is why employees are forced into submission and are also forced into flattering the boss. A leader, on the contrary, is someone who may not necessarily have a high post in the office, yet people respect him or her not because they have to but because they want to.

A boss is someone who always takes credit the moment something is done well in the company. It is not in his nature to call up the person who has actually done the hard work and congratulate him. A leader, on the other hand, is someone who is most delighted when others do well and he makes it a point to give credit when it is due. A leader never feeds of other people’s misery rather he rejoices in their success. A boss is someone who loves living in the limelight and hogging the spotlight, whether it is at events, or during occasions, he is the person who is seen the first and the most. A leader, on the other hand, is someone who works tirelessly in the background without expecting any praise in return. The joy of the leader is in knowing that the company is doing well.

We need to be a leader rather than a boss because a leader can be a good boss but a boss cannot be a good leader…!

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