A genuine leader

I remember when our new boss joined our team and invited us to make a normal briefing. He started sharing his past experiences, ideas, thoughts, achievements and also his future plans towards our work and workplace. We were going to hear him continuously and suddenly we heard what we were waiting for “Ok Guys, done now, get back to your work”

After his meeting, I noticed that all of the members of the team were against of him and his ideas and future plans. We decided not to take him seriously and keep working the same as we used to do, we did not apply but ignored his ideas, suggestions, and guidelines for the work. But as a genuine leader, he noticed and started working on the reason behind those things and around after a week once again we were invited by him and then he inspired and empowered us to speak and gave us the freedom to share our own thoughts, ideas, and future plans towards our work. Continuously he was listening and understanding of us and then with some strong and valid points he started molding us to consensus and after making some efforts, one day he finally made that happen. We started working according to him and his ideas and plans.

As we know a genuine leader does not search for consensus but inspires and molds the people to consensus. A genuine leader understands the many different factors that come with leading others and strives to help others to reach their goals. Genuine leaders inspire and empower their team to do and achieve their best possible work. Genuine leaders have some qualities and great positive energy to convince their people to get and work together.

Genuine leaders bring the best of who they are to their work and then intentionally work to improve their skills and approaches to become closer to what they are capable of – all in the service of leading others towards a desirable destination.

Different leaders have different leadership styles but to be a genuine leader you must be filled with integrity, passion, accountability, creativity, communication, respect, and understanding. Genuine leaders are made, not born. They become extraordinary through hard work, determination & courage, along with a sparkling of some common traits. Genuine leaders never run away from a matter when others are unwilling and afraid to address it.

Genuine leaders are honest and transparent with their people and understand the importance of sharing information, particularly if it may help or inspire others. In fact, the only reason most leaders are in the position they are is that someone they looked up to provided them with insight. Thus, a genuine leader has no problem returning the favor and sharing their life story or personal insights to help others progress and reach their full potential.

If you are interested in becoming a leader, don’t assume that having a leadership position automatically makes you a leader. In fact, leaders may not even be in traditional leadership positions or telling people what to do. Instead, they may be leading with their lives. Remember, there is nothing wrong with wanting or proclaiming yourself to be a leader, but you should make sure that your actions speak far louder than your words.

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