Become entrepreneurs, chasing a business dream

There was no one to support them.

Nobody believed in him.

Nobody was concerned about their success or failure.

While most of his friends were driving car and watching movies:

He was working 16 hours a day.
He was sacrificing.
He was struggling.

While most were partying over the weekends:
He was busy in coding.
He was reading book and learning new skills.
He was pushing his limits.

While his friends were on vacation:
He was testing my applications.
He was sitting in the same room in front of his desktop.
He was watching the same screen again and again.

While his friends started working at good pay scale:
He was struggling to make a living.
He had sleepless nights for several months.
He was trying hard to pay the staff salaries.
His income wasn’t stable, no savings, no lifestyle spending, no fun.

Now, while most of his friends work for a 9 to 5 job or family business:
He was enjoying life
He work for his happiness
He help people become entrepreneurs
He raise funds for startups and help them create jobs

Struggle early or late, there is no other way to success. Know more about him in his book ‘Startup Easy – Part 1: The Essentials’ and also learn to be a successful entrepreneur. ?

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