Founders to Avoid as an Agency

The Billion Dollar Visionary: He’s exited two companies, walks the walk, and talks the talk. He speaks in a soothing voice and does yoga daily. Don’t let that fool you. He’s a savage. He will gut your agency and chop it up for parts like the modern day, hipster version of Gordon Gekko. He talks about changing the world but he’s interested in one thing….getting paid.

The Micro-Managing Creative Director: He’s convinced that you are the right team to build his dream idea. The only caveat is that he wants to assist with all of the design work. He will literally micro-manage every pixel and point out ridiculous irregularities. The result: a very inefficient process.

Approves Everything: They nod their head, congratulate the team, and always have a smile on their face when approving new work. So what’s the problem? This passive founder secretly is too shy to speak up and somehow how managed to spend $200k not knowing they were approving new work and scope changes.

The Insurance Salesman: This Founder is convinced they have the next big opportunity to tokenize something revolutionary. They’ve pitched 20 digital agencies their idea, lined up investment, and somehow manage to sell “hot air” to everyone they’ve come in contact with.

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