How Technology Is Improving Influencer Marketing

To many, though, the influencer world is a black box: It’s there, but how does it work? How much do these campaigns cost? And how can we expect this space to change as new technologies emerge? I’ve been keeping my eye on this industry, and I spoke with people I’ve worked with before at influencer firms to find out more.

While some are trumpeting the death of influencer marketing, others are far more bullish.

“Brands are going to continue to grow as far as their marketing budgets; they’re going to continue to go after influencers that are more niche in their market,” says Natalia Diaz, co-founder of experience-based marketplace 123 Wish.

“I think within a year or two, social media marketing will lean in on key influencers rather than working with everyone as they do today,” says Shmulevich.

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