The True leader and leadership

Leadership is an important and invaluable gift given by God which cannot be found in everyone

“Leadership is not about size, age, gender, and power but it is all about wisdom, knowledge, experience, maturity, and qualities.”

The true leader and leadership: At some point in our lives, we have all had a relationship with someone — a parent, a teacher, or employer perhaps — who greatly changed the way we look at life and the world. Someone who had high standards and truly stood for something, Someone who inspired and motivated us. Someone, who taught us to set goals and instilled the confidence and spirit to achieve them. Such a person is a true leader.

In these days we are surrounded by people we may call leaders, they are spread everywhere and in every field like in government, in business, in the education, and in society. But we are suffering from a scarcity of genuine leadership. Where are these people really leading us, and why?

True leaders and leadership are very hard to be found in these days. People pretend to be true leaders but the truth is they do not know what the role and responsibilities true leaders have. True leaders do not rule their people but inspire and empower them to stand on their own as they are. Instead of trying to blind people with his/her brilliance, a true leader reflects our own light back to us, so that we may see ourselves anew.

In our secular society, we decide and chose the leader, who is well connected, powerful, wealthy, and charismatic. But a true leader should be chosen by what he has not like ego, arrogance, and self-interest. True leaders see their work as selfless service towards a higher purpose.

True leaders do not want followers; they want to teach others how to be leaders. They do not want control; they want the truth. They do not impose their leadership on others, nor do they take away anyone’s autonomy. They inspire by love, not coercion. When it comes time to take credit, they make themselves invisible but they are the first to arrive at the time of need, and they will never shrink away in fear. They are so passionate about your welfare that when you consult them for guidance, it is like coming face to face with yourself for the first time.

True leaders value the contributions of others. Leaders understand the value of teamwork and the synergy created through the combined efforts of several talented individuals. They understand that their colleagues and subordinates must be valued, and they are secure enough in their own right to allow others the opportunity to contribute. More importantly, true leaders recognize that their contributions may not always be the best contributions.

True leaders are not afraid to make demands of the people they lead. True leaders understand that it is a mistake to be too soft, just as it is a mistake to be too harsh. They have the courage to direct people to the work that needs to get accomplished, expressing their belief in the people’s abilities, delegating duties, and teaching and correcting their people along the way. They help people grow by making reasonable but real demands. They don’t assign people tasks that are beyond their ability, but they do assign tasks that cause people to stretch themselves. They recognize the possibilities of what their team can accomplish and they motivate each person to recognize their potential.

“True leaders understand that leadership is not about them but about those they serve. It is not about exalting themselves but about lifting others up.” –Sherry Dew

We all have room to improve as leaders, but our ultimate goal should be the same: To be leaders who are loved, admired, and respected by the people we lead as we motivate and inspire those people to achieve their full potential.

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