Well-educated vs well-trained mind

Here is a big question is these days. Are you being educated or trained? Because they both produce different results. Come and let’s see how?

A well-educated mind is far better than a well-trained mind. But well-educated minds are hard to be found in these days because our education system is designed to create and produce the well-trained mind. Our educational hubs like Schools, colleges, universities, and institutions are creating and shaping our minds to be well trained. Our education system is geared towards teaching and testing knowledge at every level as opposed to teaching skills and creating educated minds. But this needs to be changed and recreated. Our education system should have more focus on creating and producing well-educated minds.

An educated mind is capable of reducing the burden of training overall for any skill. The logic and reasoning are better implemented in real life situation. They can work and act according to situations and can come out with some better results and solutions.

Let’s use an example: Suppose someone is trained on how to create a simple graphic in Excel. No doubt he or she will be quite able to create a graphic, but they will have problems doing other things because they have not been educated about the many functionalities and applications of Excel. Then suppose you have someone else, someone who has been educated about Excel’s full capabilities. This person understands the major concepts that underpin Excel’s functionalities and made them necessary in the first place. This second person will be able to apply their background knowledge, and compound it with creativity, to find solutions to problems they have not encountered before and they can inventively use Excel to do things they have never been trained to do.

If You train someone to do something. It is task-oriented. It is skill-based. You can train someone to increase their proficiency. But in essence, you get what you put into it. A trained person may get faster, but they’re unlikely to find a truly new and better way to do something. Because training has a skill-based focus; it does not provide the depth needed for creative problem solving and innovation.

A well-trained mind as the name says: “trained”. They can be very good at something specific, as long as they spend the hours required to internalize that knowledge. This becomes very limited in an unpredictable environment. They are great as long as the environment remains unchanged. The well-educated man is capable of making sense of the unpredictability of his environment much better. He has conceptualized many core ideas and can expand on them when required as and when the need arises. They can also adapt to getting trained much quicker because they have the education.

When it comes to training and education, it can be tempting to cut corners. Consider that investing in the abilities and potential of yourself and your team is one of the best moves you can make. Everything else you develop or invest in will one day be obsolete. But you and your team’s ability to improve and refine their skills through advanced training methods, and to innovate every day through superior, comprehensive education will keep you relevant and in demand.

The combination of both training and education enables another kind of innovation: everyday innovation. It empowers your entire staff to solve problems before or shortly after they happen, discover new efficient methods to streamline your operation and propose solutions that will make seemingly intractable obstacles disappear.

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