What could be learned from Chinese companies and their business model?

Great & successful companies have some different business model which help them to grow their business & perform better in their fields.

Chinese companies are better examples for this. they are giving a great message to the world that how to change the scenario of business. they are using current & modern technology to grow and expand their business and day by day they are inventing new technologies which are providing them great support to grow and expand their business. they are making things easy for themselves.

” What got you here, will not take you there.” this message is completely understood by Chinese companies. in last decade they have changed their business model and now they are the biggest manufacturing hub in the global market. they are changing themselves and their business model according to the time and they know what would be required to be the best in their filed and they are applying it.

I have worked with Chinese companies for at least 5 years and understood their business model, their business strategy, business views. they do have the amazing and different model to make the successful business.

They believe in technologies and understand their use and growing themselves with their help. Chinese companies are playing the major role in manufacturing business. in these days they have covered the whole world. they do have their presence in every field and making from needles to airplanes.

A great business and management skills are being delivered by Chinese companies. they are giving a great message to the world that how to use & work with technology to bring new changes.

In just 10 years, China has built world-class MNCs that have graduated from making cheap copycats of western products to competing with world’s biggest MNCs.

Chinese goods have already dominated the global market as every home is teeming with Chinese products. While global manufacturing is still struggling to take off, China has grown into a manufacturing powerhouse in less than a decade. Just half a decade ago, mobile payments didn’t exist in China. Today, the same amount of money (about $4 trillion annually) is transacted through cell phones as is via traditional credit cards.

The Communist regime has taken a range of policy measures to create, protect and nurture Chinese companies. Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, WeChat, and Xiaomi are examples of Chinese companies growing from zero to billions of dollars within a few years.

“There are more entrepreneurs in China than on the face of the planet,” said Jonathan Woetzel, senior partner of business consulting firm McKinsey & Company and director of McKinsey Global Institute. “It is a regulatory environment that’s supportive of entrepreneurs.”

China is India’s largest trading partner, with bilateral trade at $71.5 billion, but it is heavily skewed in favor of China. India imports $61.3 billion worth of Chinese products while it exports just $10.2 billion worth of goods to China.

Every Chinese company has something in common which makes them different and successful. Like business management & strategy, use of technology, changing themselves with time, understanding market demands, and many more.

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