What Makes A Great Nation?

We need to become A Great nation rather than powerful

When we talk to the people and discuss the great nations in the world, The majority goes to Singapore, and when pressed for justification, talk about how clean, efficient and safe Singapore is, about the world-class airport and harbor, about the lack of corruption, they also point out how Singapore now has much better finances than western countries. But I think all these justifications are not fair enough to make a nation great. Should we decide or prove the greatness of a nation with these justifications………? No, Absolutely not. They are mistaken.

Being able to walk safely at 2 am is not the distinguishing point of a great nation. Neither is it about having the world-class airport or the busiest harbor in the world. It is also not about having the largest land area, the largest economy or the mightiest military power. If it was based on such quantitative criteria, the greatness of nations would just be a ranking by size, economy or military power. then A small country like Israel can be a great nation. On the other hand, a powerful country like China can be not a great nation, But they are not. So here we come to the same question, Then What Makes A Great Nation?

Let’s Understand this at first, What makes a man great? It’s not how much money he has, but what contributions he has made to his people and community, to society. It’s about his generosity. It’s about his ideas, how he changed the world with them, how he made a difference, how he treats his people who need him at some point in time and many more. So, since a nation is nothing more than a collection of people living within a set of physical borders, we can measure the greatness of a nation in the same way. By the contributions, they have done to their people, to the world, to mankind. And by their generosity, how their ideas have benefited the human race, how a nation treats its poorest and weakest people who deserve and expect good support from their nation. And like these, there are so many factors which contribute to creating a great nation.

-: Acknowledges faults and seeks to do better.

-: Contributions/service to the world including innovative products that improve the quality of life of those within as well as outside of their borders.

-: Leadership by example

-: The global influence that is welcomed

-: Wealth, not only at the top but a robust and thriving middle class

-: Military might but is not abused

-: Low crime, peace, prosperity

A great nation recognizes the individual above every other creature or organization. Groups of individuals (e.g. corporations or governments) rank below the individual. Government’s sole purpose is to protect the individual from force, fraud and any disaster. A nation where people are free to trade to their mutual benefit is a great nation. In such a nation, people happily serve one another.

To build a great nation, We must have a vision of what our nation would look like even before we start building it. Let us begin to see it and start working towards it. A Great nation doesn’t build in a day. It takes years, decades and generations even, but if we have a clear vision of what we want, we can build on the foundations laid by others and pass on the baton to the next generation when our time has expired.

In these days we are in the race of becoming big, powerful, and developed nations, but we are not trying to become a great nation. We are very fortunate in creating and manufacturing powerful weapons that will make us stronger than others. There are no humanity and piece left in this world.

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