Where happiness comes from?

Happiness: Very common but very hard to be recognized

Let’s talk and understand what is happiness? Happiness is a state and an attitude of our minds which gets created by positive and good emotions and most importantly created by us. These days most of the people are in their search for happiness and they think and assume that good job, more money, better relationship and other factors will give and provide them happiness but the truth is we can find true happiness and contentment if we look within ourselves. It’s us and only us, who can bring happiness for ourselves. We need to realize that happiness is a product of our own minds and we produce it.

We should keep in our mind that we can be in charge of our happiness even if sometimes we can find it difficult and that a Positive thinking can help to create our happiness. To be really happy we must take stock of what we already have, and truly appreciate what is right in front of us and learn to be grateful for everything we are and have. Why put our life on hold waiting for someone or something to make us whole or bring us happiness when all we have to do is open our eyes and look around us? All we really have is today. Right now! Now we may choose to chase the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but life and happiness aren’t just about attaining something. It is all about enjoying the journey while reaching your destination. Learn how to detach ourselves from the outcome and enjoy the ride to wherever it is we want to go or whatever it is we want to have.

Just as we must strengthen our bodies to be healthy, we must understand and love our inner selves to be happy.

Happiness is a state and an attitude of our mind. We do not look for it. We do not even have to chase it. Happiness, in truth, lies within ourselves starting from us and ending at us. It only makes sense to figure out how to tap into your internal joy and not rely on external events to supply us with it. Don’t depend on something to happen to bring us happiness. Happiness, true happiness, is within us. Experiences in our lives change daily. Situations change, but we can live, can enjoy, can be happy now. It’s our choices!

Happiness is a state of internal fulfillment. Happiness is not the result of external events. We labor under the misconception that external events are within our control. We tell ourselves that when we achieve what we want or acquire what we desire, happiness will be ours. We attach meaning to events in a desperate attempt to address the longing of our hearts to understand our own internal selves. And we build internal worlds that are imbued with meaning in an attempt to navigate an unpredictable external world.

There are so many steps to take to create our happiness.

1: Empty ourselves from all negativities: If we are truly determined to be happy, we need to free our mind and body from all negativities.

Remember, that there is nothing negative on earth, only our thinking makes things that way. We need to get rid of fear, frustration, ego, tension, hatred, anger and stress from our system. Be aware of our destination and imagine ourselves getting there. Relax. If things are bound to come, they will come, only if we want them to.

2: Fill ourselves with positivity: After we have learned how to empty ourselves from all the negativity, the next step is for us to fill ourselves with as much positive energy as we can. Fill ourselves with hope, kindness, compassion, positive feelings, gratitude, desires and love. As we do so, we can finally tell ourselves that happiness is just within our reach.

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